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Portland, Oregon Hearing Voices Group Facilitation Training

July 29-31 2019
9am to 5pm each day

In this 3-day training, voice hearers and people who experience other unusual or extreme states of consciousness come together with people who have not had these experiences.  The result is a powerful, diversified environment for learning.  Peers, professionals, supporters and allies are welcomed.


This training (presented by Kate Hill, John Herold and Reggie Lee) will give you the skills and knowledge to start, facilitate and maintain Hearing Voices groups, which are peer-led places to share and explore unusual experiences in a non-judgmental atmosphere.  Such states of mind are sometimes labeled psychosis, but HVN embraces a much wider view of human possibility, one that does not assume illness.

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Cost:  $400
($325 if you register by 5/15)

Location:  TBA Portland, OR

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